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Mowjcamp has been Hacked

The well known green movement website mowjcamp has been hacked by a group who name themselves the Iranian cyber army.

Try visiting it for yourselves and see what I’m talking about.


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Tajzadeh: Until Jannati is Prosecuted, I will not attend any court until

Mostafa Tajzadeh announced that he will not stand at the defense podium in court in objection to the absence of Ahmad Jannati in court.

“I participated in court out of respect of the law… I reject all charges being held against me and in objection to the fact that my charges against Jannati were ignored by the court, I will not defend myself and until the situation is right, I will not attend any other court either”, Tajzadeh stated in an interview with Kaleme.

“If my charges were attended to ten years ago when I was pressing charges against Ayatollah Jannati when he violated the law as Head of the council for overseeing the elections, and a court was established for him just as one is being held for me, we wouldn’t be facing the problems we are facing today in the country. The reason of my objections is that I still believe that the only way to save the country is free elections, and I believe that one must do all he can in order to bring about free elections”.

Referring to the recent statements of Judiciary officials that there is no safe haven beyond the law for any person in any position and that law will be implemented for all, Tajzadeh requested that a court be held for Mr. Jannati as soon as possible to prove this statement.

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