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Mirhossein Mousavi: “The Military/Security Environment Should be Lifted”

Mirhossein Mousavi has warned that the current environment should changed and society should be opened, or else “underground movements” will take shape.

Speaking amongst party members and reformist activists in Fars Province, he stated that the militant approach has caused an uprise of “radicalism” and prevents “progress”.

He stated that “unrealistic interpretations of the law and of Islam has created divisions amongst the people”.

Mousavi criticized the role of government propaganda and stated that “they sent in forces from outside of the university with sticks and clubs in their hands and call them students in their media, and then they claim that the students were throwing teargas at one another”, referring to a report by Fars News on the 16th of Azar in which it was stated that Mousavi supporters threw teargas at “university students”.

“This only means that they want to mislead the people. Where can a university student get teargas from? Our supporters don’t even carry pocket knives because they are afraid of being condemned”, he said.

Mousavi stated that if the people had gotten their response on day one, we wouldn’t be witnessing them stepping over the lines today.

He further criticized the action of government in interfering in the lives of the citizens, and stated that “from long ago family members, the young and the old, would sit together and spend their time, but we interfered to the extent that we caused a rift between family members, and now we have caused lines to be drawn inside the family… we have forgotten the constitutional law of non-interference, which has caused psychological disorder in the society”.

Mirhossein Mousavi stated that sections of the constitution that emphasize plurality in society can’t be ignored for cooked up reasons, and stated that “it is the message of the green path of hope that you are all friends with one another and can live alongside each other despite your differences and your variety of beliefs”.

He praised the fact that reading the constitution, especially chapter three of the constitution, and debates regarding the constitution have increased amongst the youth after the elections and stated that acceptance was one of the great achievements of Islam.

“while they were holding courts for blasphemy in the churches of the west, in the world of Islam different schools of thought were holding debates and sharing their opinions”, he stated.

Mousavi claimed that the solution to the elections in Iran lies within the constitution, and that the laws being devised under the name of “the laws of elections” will only be successful if they are loyal to the spirit of the constitution, the prologue of the constitution, and take into account the negotiations of the Assembly of Experts, if not, nothing will be solved.

“The day after the elections, the people had a specific demand: ‘where is my vote?’ It was our effort (before the elections) to convince the people to put their trust in the fact that their vote is effective, but many of them had questions after the elections. Instead of addressing their concerns, we suppressed them, imprisoned them, and it was for this reason that the discontent remains and wasn’t brought under control”.

“The people have the right to objection, and their right should be delivered to them instead of being denied by force. If we see today that their demands have increased, it is because this question was not addressed in a correct manner. If we had an effective IRIB, if the people’s demands were addressed and they weren’t dealt with violently, then we wouldn’t be witnessing the transgressions that we are witnessing today”.

“All protests following the elections were legal, and all protests and demands must remain within the framework of the law and not one of us should give the enemies and excuse”, Mousavi warned.

Mirhossein Mousavi stated that the green path ahead of us is a long one, and that “being green and becoming green is not exclusive to any group or persons. Each person is green to the extent of his/her loyalty to the ideals of the people and the value he/she holds for intellect and justice, and he/she is green, even if he/she is our enemy”.


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Security Forces Review their Tactics

In what has been reported as a “confidential bulletin”, the Joint Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran has confessed to miscalculations in its dealing with the Green Movement during the Student Day and University Day protests across Iran.

According to the report, the officials miscalculated the “quantity and quality of the presence of those who have come to the scene in response to the summons of the defeated nominees and the variety of satellite and cyber networks”.

“The mentioned persons are maintaining their presence despite the fact that more than one hundred days have passed since the elections and in this period, many of the leaders of the ‘chaos’ have been arrested and while their confessions have been broadcasted, public opinion has become acquainted with the methods used after the elections and government officials have tried to bring calmness to the political environment of the country”, the report stated.

The report, which despite being circulated amongst senior officials of the regime was itself leaked and published on the roozonline website today, criticizes the inaction of the security apparatus for not pinpointing and arresting those in government who have leaked information on security measures and states that the protests are being organized in awareness of security measures and patterns.

The “security and intelligence expert” who is the author of the report warns that “A number of government officials and heads of governmental organizations are seen amongst the street protestors without fearing the consequences of their actions”.

The presence of women as “agitators of men” is also emphasized, and the fact that women stand alongside men is named as a main cause of the mobilization of the men.

“There must be a division between the radical elements of protest from those whose presence are solely in objection to the elections”, the report suggests, while predicting that if those protestors who are more radical in their approach (i.e. those who chant slogans against the regime, etc.) are arrested, the rest can be channeled in a different direction.

But the most interesting part of the report is where it is suggested that potential forces who are claimed to be “of ours” and whose population are more than the protestors should be mobilized. A center for “psychological operations and crisis control” is suggested. “There are a large number of “Hezbollah members” who are present in the events yet respond too late or not at all to  the protests and who need further organizing, in ranks, battalions, etc., in the “soft war”, in order to prevent the protestors from gaining momentum and also to prevent them from filming the events, the report reads.

According to the report, this “soft war” and its “recruitment” activities are to be conducted through “public organizations such as Mosques”.

In conclusion, the report also insists that a higher price should be imposed on officials who take a stance in support of the movement (i.e. Mousavi, Hashemi, Karrubi, etc.) to prevent the “misuse” of the “variety of opinions amongst the clergy and the elite”.

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Iran in the spotlight

Iran is in the spotlight of current affairs, however what happens on the ground becomes distorted and filtered-out several times before reaching the American audience.

In this blog, I will bypass the Iranian state media censorship and bring you the latest on Iranian affairs straight from Farsi cyberspace and Iranian contacts on the ground.

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